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Surprise your students teaching astronomy in a natural way: by looking at the sky.

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"How much would you pay for the Universe?"

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Your personal astronomer newsletter
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Crafted for:

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  • Daily email
  • Items: Moon, planets, brightests stars, conjunctions.
  • Daily challenge. Search in the sky the item chosen for you.
  • Clear drawings
  • Quickfacts. Meaningful bits of info.

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Your personal astronomer newsletter
cosmopad wonders

Crafted on:

  • Your location
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  • Your interests
  • Your language (en, es, de, fr, it)
  • Your real horizon line (mountains and hills)


  • Daily or weekly email
  • Hundreds of items: Moon, Sun, planets, stars, constellations, conjunctions, International Space Station, comets, meteor showers, eclipses.
  • Daily challenge. Search in the sky the item chosen for you.
  • Clear drawings
  • Quickfacts. Meaningful bits of info.
  • Weather forecast
  • Easy orientation.  Your nearby places as directions reference.
  • Track the Moon. Observe Moon's position day by day at the same time.
  • Stellar calendar. Measure the passing of months by tracking the stars.
  • Spot the ISS. International Space Station.
  • Rhythms. Surprising patterns emerge from planetary motions.
  • Cosmonews. Locate in the sky the objects of astronomical news.

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We are working hard to set it up.

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About us


Dreams are maps.
I am lucky because I had a happy childhood.
Cosmopad was born then, on my dad’s fairy tales that didn’t tell about monsters and castles, but instead they were about space flights and distant planets. But even after the time of fairy tales, the flame of wonder and curiosity never went out.

In 2012 I founded “ATLANTIS”, a project to bring wonder and discovery to schools by observing the starry sky.

Over the years I have helped thousands of children and adults to better understand astronomy, especially daily astronomy, the kind you can do simply by raising your eyes to the sky from your garden.

With cosmopad I want to bring this to everyone.

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